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Lubbock on the map for Country Music again!

By: Bradley Casada

Cole Barnhill Putting Lubbock on the Texas Country Music Map Again
Going to be honest, I don’t even know where to start this, other than Cole Barnhill has done it
again! As a music fan, some of my favorite memories are watching some of the West Texas
musicians grow.

Cole is another artist that will put Lubbock, and the Blue Light back on the radar for “The next
Big Thing”! Joining names such as Pat Green, William Clark, Green, Cleto Cordero, and Slade
Coulter for making Lubbock known as the city where musicians never sleep. I call it a luxury to
see shows where the energy is so high Cole’s dancing on the stag with the crowd singing
every word, all the way to singing on the main stage with William Clark Green at Cotton Fest.
You may have seen or heard of him in shows arranging from West Texas, DFW, and even
Kansas! Cole’s show is one you cannot miss I’d put him on par with the Giovannie and The
Hired Guns and Koe Wetzel energy! There is shows where he is even been known to be more
up tempo and memorable than the headliners!

When I heard “Broken at Best” and “Watch Me Bleed” for the first time, and all I can picture is
the same high energy him Cole and his band put into every show as they peel paint off every
venues wall with the shredding of guitars that makes you feel alive! Honestly this article could
keep going with great things the possibilities and subject of Cole Barnhill music and shows is
one I think you need to gauge for yourself!

If you are a music fan, give Cole Barnhill’s new stuff music a listen! Check out a show, Follow
his socials, before you hear about him from someone else!

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Photo Credit: Julie Barnhill