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Bad Day to be a Beer?

By Bradley Cassada –

DFW better watch out because Wade Bagley’s Music makes it a bad day to be a Beer!
We need to take a moment to recognize Lava Cantina the venue I got to catch Wade Bagley at, known for having hot food and providing the hottest musicians in the scene! After eating the Flaming Lava Queso (Which I highly recommend!) I realized the live music was the real fire in the building!
Wade preformed a mixture of original such as Shad of You and Last Call, and a couple of New ones of his New EP! The rest of his set was filled with covers that got the crowd coming into the show just as much! The covers he played fit the style perfectly and really showed the roots of musical style for his originals, just name a few Randy Rodgers, Cody Canada, and Pat Green

If you have read any of my articles before I talk about the energy of the show. It will be no different today as I normally don’t have any drinks while playing shows. Wade brought everyone in the venue to the drink line as they were singing along and even dancing to covers and head bobbing to originals! As a recommendation to any Venue reading this BOOK Wade Bagley, because he makes it a Bad Day to be a Beer! Fans do not want to miss this show either big time show but makes you feel like you are jamming out with friends in a backyard or a field with some great music playing!
Wade is on his way to playing more Venues and bigger stages.

I highly encourage a night out with Wade Bagley on the Calendar in your near future! Follow him on Socials as well as Listen to his music on Spotify and Apple Music! He is also going to be on my new Playlist for Musicians I have Featured!
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